God and Us

He said it, I believe it, that settles it for me =)

If you don’t understand why God asked you to do something (or don’t do something), do it Just because He Said so. He knows more than us and it’s our job to believe in him even though we don’t get it (yet). He is smarter, He is bigger, He is more intelligent, He is God!

So If his word tells you something.. Do it! Don’t try to understand before.. that’s not faith. Don’t try to put the pieces together… His puzzle is different.. He loves us and everything has a purpose.  Just believe. Close you eyes and walk on his word.

If he said go.. go

If “stop”… stop

If “do it”… do it

If “don’t do it”… don’t do it.. and so on

He knows what’s best! He knows the best way, the best time, the best place.. HE IS THE BEST!!!

We don’t need to undertand… we need to obey =)

Faça missões de alguma forma! Ajude um missionário!


Uma resposta

  1. Rachel

    Yes!!!! I believe!!!! He´s my way!! He knows what is the best for me!! Sometimes it´s hard to obey, but after, we can see the miracle behind His words!!!!

    05/02/2011 às 13:58

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